Determining your financial goals will depend greatly on variety of factors. Working with you, we create a financial game plan that takes into account each aspect of your financial portfolio and streamlines them into a comprehensive strategy.

Are you having a hard time getting financed? We may be able to connect you with the right investors to explore non-traditional avenues of lending. With SBA's more than 28+ years of business management and financial planning, we're prepared to meet you where you are and get you where you want to be. 

  • Debt Structuring and Re-financing
  • Capitalization
  • Lending Options / Lines of Credit
  • Asset Management
  • 401K / Retirement Planning
  • Investment Products

Business planning

"Business Planning" goes way beyond the scope of simply writing a winning business plan. Preparing your business for future success is nothing to overlook, which is why the experts at SBA take great pride in providing our clients with business insight that comes from decades of experience.

What are your long term goals? Are you positioned for growth? Do you want to eventually sell your business and retire? Are there family members you'd like to leave it to? Not having a plan is like having a boat without a paddle. Identifying and correcting your business's "gaps" can help avoid costly mistakes down the road. Most people think they need "X" when in reality they need "Y". We'll help you figure it out. Period.

  • Business Plan Development
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Business Structure and Targeted Strategy Development
  • Tax Structuring
  • Tax Preparation & Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Obtaining the Right Protections
  • Planning for Obstacles - Future Proofing
  • Implementation Support

Business acquisition Services

Buying a business or preparing to sell a business?

We believe that buying or selling a business for the correct amount is an art form.  We've done it multiple times, for lots of money.  As a business owner, it's unavoidable to have an emotional attachment to the company.  Afterall, it's "your baby".

Here's the run down: buyers want to pay less and sellers want to get more. No matter what side of the deal you're on, we work hard to make sure you get what you deserve. 

Our business valuation process is straight forward - we're bullish in our determination to find the real value of your business in today and tomorrow's marketplace.  Working with the lawyers, the accountants and everyone in between, we put the deal together and shop it around to find the best buyer or seller.  If your plans include buying or selling a company, then SBA's process for maximizing value is designed to achieve the best price, terms, and tax treatment while minimizing your risks. 


  • Business Valuation
  • Perform Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Tax Strategy & Structure
  • Price and Terms Negotiation 
  • Post Purchase Services
    • Strategic Planning
    • Accounting Setup/Structuring


  • Business Valuation - What's my company worth, anyways?
  • Business Performance Improvement – Can we increase the value of your company before selling the business?
  • Business Transition Planning
  • Purchase Price and Tax Allocation Strategies
  • Retirement Planning Services - All my hard work has paid off and I've cashed in - now what?

Insurance Services

How do you protect the things that matter most to you? Insure them.

Over the years, SBA has seen some unfortunate outcomes with people skipping out on the proper insurance coverage. 

Insurance coverage areas

  • Life: Individual & Group
  • Disability: Individual & Group
  • Health: Individual & Group
  • Property and Casualty
  • Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Buy/Sell

Operational efficiency

So many factors go into operating a successful business. From the people, to the product, to the software that keeps everything running smoothly, we check under the hood to make sure everything is in sync and firing on all cylinders. We believe human capital is the fuel - the single most important investment you can make. Creating company culture and retaining employees can be a daunting task if you're not prepared for it.

If you're experiencing a tough time running your company the way you know you can - SBA is the pit crew you're looking for.

  • Employee Retention
  • Resource Management
  • Access to our Network of Associates